Between the arid and scrubby Klein Karoo and the lush, ancient Knysna� forests winds the 85km Prince Alfred�s Pass: a narrow, historical dirt road with sheer drops and magnificent views, wending its way between Uniondale and Knysna. Pristine fynbos covered mountains ray out in all directions, creating a microclimate quite different from the neighbouring Klein Karoo desert � and very fertile for farming.

At the summit of the pass, lie the rolling hills of Voog se Kraal - 35 hectares of ploughed grazing amidst 800 hectares of mountains, fynbos, ravines, gurgling streams, waterfalls and rock pools � the home of family run Cloud Valley Farm.

Organic and Bio-dynamic farming methods have been used to enrich the pastures on which twelve Jersey cows graze to produce organic and Bio-dynamic certified yoghurt cream cheese feta and butter.

There is no electricity on Voog se Kraal (apart from a few solar panels) and farm life follows the rhythm of the sun: early to bed, early to rise. Each simple stone and adobe cottage is warmed in the frosty winters by wood fire and candlelight.

Each cow has its name, and responds to being called in a set routine, into the milking shed twice a day.

This is a family farm where culture, agri-culture, and a hands-on, personal approach intermingle, resulting not only in wholesome and delicious cheeses, but also in an atmosphere which has led many passers-by to comment on the therapeutic quality of this piece of land.

The Drys wish to share this beautiful, health-giving part of the world with others.They have a spacious guest-house with exquisite views.Guests can look forward to: breathtaking nature, delicious farm-fresh produce, hikes and rock-pool swims, a unique and varied farm-yard,and friendly and interesting hosts.